Friday, September 9, 2016

Welcome Home Flossy

We've been looking for the past week for a monarch caterpillar. I really want Emma to see the life cycle as it turns into a butterfly.

Search 1:  Drove the parkway. Searched and searched. No luck. 

Search 2:  Never made it out of the house. Meltdown over shoes. 

Search 3:  Drove the parkway. Discussed coming another day. Found her!

It is the smallest monarch caterpillar I've ever found, but it is one nonetheless. We put it in a jar and Emma immediately began talking to it and calling it Flossy. Apparently it's a she and that's it's name. I can't believe I didn't already know. We stopped by Target to get a small pet carrier. No luck there but she did spot her Halloween costume. 

Interesting. I'll keep trying to change her mind before October 31st.

Petsmart was next door so we tried that next. Success.

We got home and Emma started to ready Flossy's "have-a-tat". A little grass. A stick or two. A couple leaves. Attempts to pour in bubbles. A bit more grass. 

Add Flossy and it's perfect! Hopefully she will make it to the butterfly stage or someone is going to be devastated. 

Fall is coming!! 

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