Saturday, September 3, 2016

Meet Emma

I refer to my 3 foot 2 inch ball of spunk, but have never introduced her.  Emma and I sat down for this post and talked about some of her favorites.  Here we go...

Favorite Color:  Yellow

I think this is because she knows its my favorite color, but its very fitting for her.  Emma is a girl full of life.  She's energetic, outgoing, eager and passionate.  She feels things to their fullest and loves hard.  Ex.  She cried for ten minutes when we got to the park last week because our car ran over a caterpillar.  Apparently I killed her best friend.  Like I said...she loves hard.  She knows no stranger and can hold her own in a conversation with anyone.  We joke about where she came from because neither her dad nor I are this way.  She is her own independent self and we love her for it!

Favorite Letter:  E

Emma is really into "school" which is actually just daycare.  But when she moved into the three year old class, academics became more prominent.  It opened up a world of spanish class, circle time, show and tell and centers to Emma.  She has loved learning her letters and the sounds they make.  I've been really impressed by how much she remembers and applies.  If she behaved more in "school", I'm sure she could really blow me away.  Each day when I pick her up, she must ask her teacher how her day was.  On most days, the answer is positive.  However, one day the teacher just responded that she would like to talk to me.  Uh oh.  In a nutshell, this is what she said...

"I asked Emma many times today to help with clean up.  Each time I asked, she refused to clean, looked at me and began laughing.  Later she laughed at every direction I gave her."

What do you do with the kid who laughs at the teacher?  Being a teacher myself, I was embarrassed.  Several talks later...this hasn't been a problem again.

Favorite Number:  Why do I need one of those?

Oh goodness.

Favorite Toy:  Ariel 

This baby doll became a favorite shortly before Ellie arrived.  She's never been one to play with babies or dolls much, but she began pretending Ariel was her sister before Ellie came.  She's stuck around ever since.

Favorite Game:  Stick Horse Riding

It's name is Oreo, and I can't take it anymore!  She doesn't move around the house without being on the horse and galloping.  She consistently yells "Yeehaw" and "Yah".  It's intense.  So intense that she developed her own alter ego.  On occasion she transforms into Angus the horse.  (Thank you Aunt Dani).  Rather than bathing, she is groomed.  Her shirt is a saddle.  Her bed is a stable.  Rather than talking, she neighs.  She nuzzles her sister.  There are times you can say her name and she doesn't answer but yell for Angus and she comes galloping.  We certainly know she has an imagination and uses it well.

Favorite Snack:  Scooby Fruit Snacks

I guess they taste better than the princess ones.

Favorite Book:  Ponies of Ponyville

The obsession is real.  For those of you who aren't BFF with Pinkie Pie, Rarity or Rainbow Dash, Ponyville is where the "My Little Pony" characters live.  Go get the book if you want to meet them all.  Hurry.
The horse obsession has been going strong for over a year.  A few months ago her teacher apologized when I picked her up for school.  When I asked what for, she answered, the knees of her pants.  I silently giggled inside knowing exactly why she was apologizing about her pants.  Prior to getting the stick horse, Emma was a horse on all fours so frequently that the knees of all of her pants are stained.  So the teacher went on to say that she can't get Emma to walk on two legs, she'd rather crawl on all fours as a horse.  Yes, that's my child.  The teacher then reassured me that she had to draw the line when Emma began asking other children to ride on her back as the rider.  Yes, that's my child.

Favorite Day:  Days being with mom and dad and Ellie

See!  There is some sweet under that mane and tail.

Favorite Song:  ABC's

That's my girl!

Favorite Movie:  Merida (Brave)

This changes from one horse movie to another on a day to day basis.  Thank you Netflix and Amazon Prime.  I realize that Brave isn't exactly about a horse, but there was a horse.  And his name was Angus.  Coincidence?  I think not.

If you haven't watched this Disney princess, you should. She quickly became my new favorite. Merida is strong, independent and so different from the other princesses. I have issues with lots of the other princesses, but not this one. Couldn't Ariel have just written a note to Prince Eric? She can clearly write when she signed her life away to Ursula. Is she just that stupid? And Cinderella cannot be independent without Prince Charming. And Sleeping Beauty...a kiss will not save you.  Rapunzel runs away at age 16 and everything turns out wonderfully for her. Yeah. That's real safe. Not Merida. Her hair is a mess, she wipes her mouth on her sleeve, she can shoot a bow while finding loyalty to her family and pride in who she is. Thanks for finally getting it right Disney.

Favorite Thing:  Horses

Did you really think it was going to be anything else?

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