Monday, September 5, 2016

Letting go of my 20s

In just a few short months, I'm going to turn 30. Naturally, that sparks some reflection. While there isn't a thing I'd change because it's all led me to a pretty awesome place, there are some things I'd tell my 19 year old self just to make things a little easier for her. When I write my letter, here's what it'll say. 

Dear 19 year old me,

1.  Get the truck. Don't keep second guessing yourself and settle for the car because that's what girls are supposed to have. There will never be another time in the next ten years that it will make sense. There will be life, gas mileage and babies. Get the truck. 

2.  These are not the best days of your life. Yes, college will be fun. You'll experience new things and make life long friends. You'll learn who and what matters to you. But it keeps getting better. Each year will bring something more wonderful than the last. There's a career, a friend like family and some pretty cool babies waiting on the other side. Yes, there will be hard times but they will become blurred by everything else life has in store. Hold on. It's a magical ride.  

3.  Go easy on your mom. She is you in ten years. She knows your pains and heartbreaks but feels your joys and accomplishments as strongly as you do. Her intentions are pure in everything she does. What hurts you hurts her more. She'll be one of your greatest friends and strongest allies one day. Wait it out.

4.  He's everything you'll ever want. Jump in with your whole heart and mind and don't let up. Fight for him with everything you have. The only moments you're going to regret are ones away from him. He may seem like a risk and just a crazy boy right now, but he'll grow into the man you've always dreamed of.  It's just as important to know he'll help you grow into the woman and mother you want to be. He's going to be your best friend. He'll take care of you while still making you feel independent. He will be fiercely loyal to you and the family you build together. He's going to be the center of your daughters world. He will be easy going, laid back and the greatest constant in your life. He's one of the good ones. 

5.  Relax. You'll be alright. Actually, you'll be better than alright. You're going to be really happy. 

The stronger, happier version

Here's to letting go of my 20s!

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