Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites #2

It's time for Friday Favorites!! Here's five things I'm loving this week!!

1. Neiman Marcus Bars

These come from Mix and Match Mama. She has tons of different recipes. We've tried a few different bars and love them all! This week we made the the original. Oh my heavens. We should've started and stopped here. Not because the others aren't great but because this was all I needed. I am not drinking or eating milk products because they mess with thing twos stomach so bad which means no ice cream. That's my go to dessert. Or even my go to meal. I've needed a replacement. Here it is. 

2.  Sling TV

I am not good with technology. I can work my phone and I can operate things at school pretty well. My smartboard and I are great friends. Other stuff...not so much. Well Andy has the computer hooked up to the tv and somehow with the help of wizardry I'm sure....we watch Netflix and Hulu on the tv through the computer rather than get cable. Those two services cover everything...except football. While I'm perfectly happy binging on Netflix originals, Scandal and Grey' seems to be pretty important to my other half. In walks sling. I don't understand it and I don't need to. I just know that now he can watch football and there's one remote to navigate me straight from Bloodline to Blake on the Voice. It's really quite awesome.  Even cooler...I don't have to watch Peppa Pig anymore because Emma now has Disney channel. I am so over Peppa, George and muddy puddles. I can also fulfill the inner child in me when I watch Girl Meets World. Topanga forever. 

3.  Wubbanub Pacifier

Cute isn't it? We had one of these for Emma, but she never wanted a pacifier and refused to take one. It ended up being taken by one of the dogs and chewed up. Ellie is a different story. She wants a pacifier all the time. It kept popping out of her mouth and rolling onto the floor so we were constantly looking for it and washing it. I went looking for a solution and remembered this little guy. Now if it pops out of her mouth, it goes nowhere. She loves it and so do we!  They have tons of adorable choices on Amazon. 

4.  Kinsa Thermometer 

Best thermometer ever! We've bought so many different thermometers in our short time as parents and never found anything we thought was reliable. Then I found Kinsa. The only thermometer we're going to need again!  It plugs into your iPhone where you can make profiles for each of your children. It logs their temperature each time you take it, asks for their symptoms then makes a recommendation of what you should do based on whether or not they have a fever. When it's reading their temperature, there are bubbles on the screen for Emma to pop. It keeps her occupied while we wait which isn't very long. You can use it as an oral, underarm or rectal thermometer. Even better...there's no batteries.  It's one of those things that you need if you don't have one! 

I'm not sure how long this will last, but I got ours free through Swagbucks. The thermometer is $19.99 with free shipping, and you'll immediately get 2000 Swagbucks for your purchase which you can redeem for a $20 gift card. You can get a Swagbucks account here

5.  Cat and Jack at Target

It's no secret that I love Target. All things Target. I discovered a new favorite on my recent trip there. After stopping at the dollar section (because it's a must) and passing the women's clothing (no time for that anymore plus new clothes means changing out of athletic shorts), we landed in the kids clothing section. Then I saw it. Cat and Jack kids clothing line. So much adorableness! They make clothes in Emma and Ellie sizes. The baby items tended to be more humorous. I loved it! The clothes for Emma had a more grown up look but still the right amount of little girl. A perfect combination for Emma and I. We got so much cute stuff! If you have kids, check it out next time you're on your weekly Target trip (because we should all be making a weekly Target trip).

Happy Friday ya'll!

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