Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Library Visit

We moved a little over two years ago and for some reason I've never gone to the local library. I'm pretty sure there's about 50 branches throughout the city. They are on every corner. I don't know why we've never gone. We changed that today and made our first library visit. As always, it was fun and filled with Emma.

We signed up for a library card and went straight for the kids section. She was thrilled! 

They even had a very fitting place for pictures. 

After arriving, Emma says, "mom this is the most beautiful place ever."  I'm not sure if I should feel like I'm winning for taking her there or if it's a mom fail for waiting so long. Either way, our trip was off to a good start. As exciting as the books were, she found this more entertaining. 

I managed to get her to look at a few books. Eventually I pulled out a few she might be interested in and she chose three. So many choices was too overwhelming. 

Of course thing two was along for the ride in her Tula. She slept the whole time. God knew the personality that filled Emma so he has blessed me with a calm baby so far. 

Things were going great for us. Emma was loving our first library trip. Then she saw the slide. The slide takes kids from the first floor to the second and is absolutely awesome. An inside slide? Hello Ron Clark. It doesn't get better. We asked. Yes, the slide is open and she can go down. Okay, we'd go right before we leave. We checked out our books. Pure happiness. 

She even requested photos in other fun places inside the library. 

My kid loves the library. Totally a mom win. We were done. We were ready to go. We were going to do the slide first. She went right up! This was going to be good!  But then she wasn't coming down. I waited. Still not coming down. Okay, most moms would think something might have happened and maybe something is wrong. Not me. No. I immediately wonder what my child is into that is occupying her instead of the slide. I go up. She's just sitting. Pouting about the scary slide. Okay Emma if it's too scary then let's just go home. Nope not too scary anymore. She's ready. 

I quickly go to the bottom to take her picture as she comes out. I'm there in time she isn't out. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. She's still not out. Then I see her shadow through the slide. She's in the middle and sneaking back up the slide.  Luckily there's no one around. She peeks out the top. Ugh. If I weren't wearing thing two I would pick her up and carry her out. Back down she goes. And walking back up. Two more times until down and out. There will be no more slide in our future library visits. 

Notice I never got that cute picture of her coming out of the slide. It was not cute. 

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