Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I'm Loving Now...New Mom Edition

Emma was born only three years ago, but so many cool gadgets have come out since then. So from a toddler and newborn mother, here's what I'm loving now...


I'm on maternity leave so saving money is high on the list of things to do right now.  We go grocery shopping as a family every Sunday.  Before we go, I check out the Ibotta app to match any items that are already on my list.  When we get done, I scan my receipt and automatically get money back in my Ibotta account.  It's that easy!  The best part is that when you reach $20, you can transfer the cash right to your Paypal account.  I've had the app for a couple months and earned $73.25 back.  Definitely worth it considering I do nothing different than I was doing before.

You can sign up here ------>  Join Ibotta


You need this.  Right now.  The baby bum brush.  I love this thing.  The bum brush is for every mom (or dad) who is tired of smelling like desitin or having it stuck under your nails. Seriously, go get one. 

3.  Baby Photo Apps

We didn't do newborn photos with Ellie. Sucks to be the second child with laid back parents. I still want some cute photos though, so I've stumbled upon two apps that I'm totally loving!! The first is called Baby Pics. There's a paid and a free version. Being the cheapo that I am, I went for the free one. Add a sleeping baby and you can make some adorable picture memories. 

This is one of the photos I made with the second app...Snapsprout. Cute right?? I love those chalkboards that everyone makes but let's be real, I don't have time for that and don't know how anyone does. As I'm writing this there's a newborn in my arm and a toddler chasing me on a stick horse. Hashtag life. Love this app. 

4.  Toddler Visual Schedule 

More to come on this one in my next post. But for now I'll share this. Structure is sanity for me when living life with a toddler. 

5. Last but definitely not least...ALL THINGS TULA!

Seriously, I can't get enough and need to win the lottery to fund this addiction. I need all the Tulas! It's the only way I could get my classroom set up this year.  Currently we have a mesh carrier - Prance. Adorable isn't it? Thing 2 is a cuddler and loves to be in my arms all the time. It won't last long so I want to take advantage of it, but I also have a sassy threenager who is very demanding. Thing 2 goes in the Tula and is happy. Thing 1 gets attention and is happy. Mom can get things done and is happy. It's a win for everyone. As much as I love our carrier, I think Tula blankets might be my favorite. It quickly became Emma's go to blankie. It's so soft!  Unfortunately, they're highly sought after and are pretty hard to score. We got ours at Fluffy Fannie's, an adorable baby boutique. 

Now I must go sing through a Sophia the First microphone so the stick horse will stay in the stable and its snake bite will heal. I can't make this stuff up. Life with a three year old. 

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