Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What We're Eating...

This week it's all about Emma. She's a super picky eater and really doesn't eat much anyway. I've heard it's a phase. I hope so!  

Last night she made Pigs in a Blanket for everyone. She loved knowing she'd made dinner so naturally she cleaned her plate. I mean who wouldn't though? Hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in a crescent roll? Toddler dream come true. 

What I'm Reminisicing About...

I'm currently home on maternity leave, but for the rest of the teaching world it's back to school this month. While I set up the classroom, I didn't get to spend those first few days with my kiddos. You know the ones where they're all super sweet, shy and just settling in? The few days before all your behavior problems begin to shine through? Yeah. Those. Here's the first day last year. We celebrated the new year in style. 

What I'm loving...

You can check out my previous post for some things I'm loving right now, but I have to add this to the list. 

I've heard a Yeti is the cool thing to have right now. I'm not sure if that's right as I'm pretty low on the cool totem pole. I'm sure saying cool totem pole placed me even lower but whatever (kids still say that right?). As awesome as weeks of cold sounds, I think the Yeti is ugly and honestly if you're keeping one glass of water cold for 24 hours you probably aren't drinking enough. I choose the Corkcicle instead. Seriously amazing and cute! I put ice in it in the morning and it's there all day. I just add more water. It's perfect for night too. I fill it up before bed and it's there for those night time feedings. If I'm lucky, I only need it once or twice. 

What We've Been Up To...

Our calendar has been busy lately! From doctors appointments and football games to trips home for birthday parties to the Mustang Makeover at the VA Equestrian Center, we've stayed busy. However, the quiet moments in between have been trying at times. Emma is a busy kid who needs structure and activity. Without it she becomes a walking attitude. I've started a daily schedule for those days that were at home all day. So far so good. Our favorite time!

What I'm dreading...

Taking thing 2 to daycare for the first time in a few weeks is going to be so hard! 

What I'm Working On...

Getting back into working out!! Must lose this baby weight!  Notice this one does not say "what I'm actually doing". 

What I'm Excited About...

We're currently planning one more day at the lake before summer ends. I hate to say goodbye to summer but can't wait to say hello fall! 

What a happy place!

What I'm Watching/Reading...

Nothing!! I'm (not so) patiently waiting for Greys Anatomy and Scandal to return. I need Thursday back!!  

What I'm Wearing...

Normal pants! All moms know what a victory this feels like! I'm no longer in maternity pants and it feels so good! Forty weeks in on the left and four weeks out on the right! 

What I'm Doing This Weekend...

It's Labor Day weekend! It's a really exciting one because Andy took off Friday and Tuesday. We're so happy to age him home for awhile! Here's the run down...

Friday Night Lights! We love going to watch dad coach football! Here's Emma at the season opener! 

Saturday is back home for another birthday party. It's a rare thing to see all my siblings on one place. I'm so excited! 

Who knows what the rest of the weekend will hold but there will certainly be a lot of relaxing involved! I'm hoping an extra lake trip too! 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

With September comes fall and that means fall festivals!! We've already got a few on the calendar!

What I'm Loving Now...New Mom Edition

Emma was born only three years ago, but so many cool gadgets have come out since then. So from a toddler and newborn mother, here's what I'm loving now...


I'm on maternity leave so saving money is high on the list of things to do right now.  We go grocery shopping as a family every Sunday.  Before we go, I check out the Ibotta app to match any items that are already on my list.  When we get done, I scan my receipt and automatically get money back in my Ibotta account.  It's that easy!  The best part is that when you reach $20, you can transfer the cash right to your Paypal account.  I've had the app for a couple months and earned $73.25 back.  Definitely worth it considering I do nothing different than I was doing before.

You can sign up here ------>  Join Ibotta


You need this.  Right now.  The baby bum brush.  I love this thing.  The bum brush is for every mom (or dad) who is tired of smelling like desitin or having it stuck under your nails. Seriously, go get one. 

3.  Baby Photo Apps

We didn't do newborn photos with Ellie. Sucks to be the second child with laid back parents. I still want some cute photos though, so I've stumbled upon two apps that I'm totally loving!! The first is called Baby Pics. There's a paid and a free version. Being the cheapo that I am, I went for the free one. Add a sleeping baby and you can make some adorable picture memories. 

This is one of the photos I made with the second app...Snapsprout. Cute right?? I love those chalkboards that everyone makes but let's be real, I don't have time for that and don't know how anyone does. As I'm writing this there's a newborn in my arm and a toddler chasing me on a stick horse. Hashtag life. Love this app. 

4.  Toddler Visual Schedule 

More to come on this one in my next post. But for now I'll share this. Structure is sanity for me when living life with a toddler. 

5. Last but definitely not least...ALL THINGS TULA!

Seriously, I can't get enough and need to win the lottery to fund this addiction. I need all the Tulas! It's the only way I could get my classroom set up this year.  Currently we have a mesh carrier - Prance. Adorable isn't it? Thing 2 is a cuddler and loves to be in my arms all the time. It won't last long so I want to take advantage of it, but I also have a sassy threenager who is very demanding. Thing 2 goes in the Tula and is happy. Thing 1 gets attention and is happy. Mom can get things done and is happy. It's a win for everyone. As much as I love our carrier, I think Tula blankets might be my favorite. It quickly became Emma's go to blankie. It's so soft!  Unfortunately, they're highly sought after and are pretty hard to score. We got ours at Fluffy Fannie's, an adorable baby boutique. 

Now I must go sing through a Sophia the First microphone so the stick horse will stay in the stable and its snake bite will heal. I can't make this stuff up. Life with a three year old. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Toddler Diet

A trip to the grocery store is a Sunday weekly routine. We just didn't make it this week so it became a Monday trip. My obviously annoyed toddler was not happy upon arrival. 

With full attitude she asks, "Why are we here?"  In my sweetest mom voice (aka please don't throw a fit in here voice), I let her know we needed food for our meals this week. Obviously still annoyed she responded, "Well if you wouldn't eat all the food in the house we wouldn't have to come all the time."

If anyone needs me, I'll be at home working on my diet. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Let's play pretend

Maternity leave.  I'm sitting on the couch nursing our almost one month old where I feel like I spend most of my time lately. Our three year old, Emma, is learning to play on her own.  She excitedly comes to the couch to let me know she's playing pretend.

Me with excitement and pride:  "That's so exciting, Emma!  What are you pretending?"

Emma with excitement and pride:  "I'm pretending my trash can is a potty."


Yes, she did.